Mandy K.
Reviewed Oct. 11, 2017

Open & Clean

We came when Doris Campground was full in the Wichita Wildlife Refuge and were pleasantly surprised. The weather was perfect--70s during the day and 50s at night, my ideal sleeping temps.

The campgrounds and restrooms are clean and well kept; however, there aren't a lot of sites with substantial tree cover. This was not a problem for us in October, but I bet it is stifling in summer and early-fall months.

The sites we stayed in were on the lake. The sunsets and sunrises are gorgeous over the gentle slopes of the land. There are rock formations the kids enjoy climbing all over.

It's maybe a 15-minute drive to the Wichita Wildlife Refuge. Even though there are sites in the refuge, Great Plains had a lot of visitors when were were there.

We came out with a Girl Scout Troop a year later (October 2018). The park was very crowded, which is fine, but tent sites are mixed with RV sites. Not only was the noise from RVs disturbing, many sites had obnoxious guests who stayed up drinking all through the night. 

I really wish parks would separate tents from RVs. 

It still is a nice area.

  • Dawn
  • Eriogonum leavenworthii or Leavenworth's eryngo
  • Dusk

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