Pickaroon Campground
Reviewed Aug. 17, 2020

Camped in Area

I camped in the immediate vicinity but not at the campground.  Other reviews are very descriptive and accurate.  It needs to be mentioned you CANNOT access the area from Hwy 230.  The A-Bar-A ranch has to be crossed and they have gated the road.  I tried to ask for permission but had no response.  There are routes through HWY 130 but I am not familiar and the GPS route from Ryan Park area directed me back through A-Bar-A property (that's a NO). Also do not trust GPS routes from Albany, it plotted roads that I did not know had been vacated.  Get a good current paper map. 

Dispersed camping from the gate of the A-Bar-A FR 512Y to the Pickaroon and Pike Pole to the trailhead is very nice.  Well spaced with metal fire rings.  Toilet at Pickaroon and the trailhead if required.  Posts on other sites say the Forest Service has stopped maintaining the campgrounds-carry toilet paper with you.