Turtle Flambeau
Reviewed Sep. 14, 2020

Amazing canoe camping

The Turtle Flambeau Flowage is dubbed the "Boundary Waters of Wisconsin" and for good reason! The quality of the waters, vast array of channels, islands and camping spots is simply amazing.

There are several public boat launches for launching a canoe, kayak or fishing boat. Unfortunately there are also some ski boats launching which should be forbidden on the flowage. There is nowhere that water levels go over 15 feet and in fact usually average 8 feet or less. There are random large rocks, stumps right out in the middle of what looks like a good area to open up a power boat and ski. I fear some day someone will die or destroy their boat on a collision.

When canoe camping, the best place to launch from is Murrey's Landing or Fisherman's landing. These two spots are closest to the voluntary wake zone where you won't see speed boats. There are 60 camp sites spread throughout the flowage.

We settled on this amazing site called "Zelda's" nestled in a bay which is off the main drag of boats. It was quiet, heavily wooded, secluded and perfect for two. This site (like many) was on its own private island. The site had a fire ring, latrine and nice tent pad. This site is considered "rustic" because it lacks a picnic table and bench around the fire. We didn't mind though.

Our site happened to have a mating pair of eagles about 50 yards from our landing. There was also a nice sandy beach 100 yards from our landing on an opposite strip of the flowage. We paddled over, laid out a blanket and sun bathed in a little used area.

We can't wait to go back and stay at another camp spot!