Raphaela H.
Reviewed Jul. 27, 2016

Beginner Backpacking close to Portland

We wanted a beginner backpacking trip (10 to 12 miles round trip) close to town - this one is a pretty hike with views at the end (theoretically, we saw fog). We passed up the best camping spots because they were too early in the trail (at the creek) and ended up setting up camp in wider part of the trail (about 3 miles in, after night had fallen). The other hikers were friendly, though, and didn't seem to mind us making camp pretty much anywhere. In our situation the camping was definitely not the main event! We came for the hike and slept along the way. The camp spots at the creek would have been quite nice for camping itself though.

  • PCT
  • wildflowers
  • the view from part of the trail
  • Camping *in* the Pacific Crest Trail
  • PCT
  • Small packs will do