Gooseberry: Remote Backcountry Campsite
Kuo G.
Reviewed Jul. 17, 2017

Camping on another planet

Felt like i was camping on another planet. Monumental red rocks and formations everywhere. We entered canyonlands white rim trail form shafer pass. Wowz... looking down the trail from the top. Its long narrow winding switchbacks descending a couple thousand feet info the canyons. Incredibly fun to mountain down! It was sandy and extreme dirt. As we passed along white rim trail there are numerous views. Ill let the pictures do the describing as it would take me forever to type this out.

Arriving at camp was like 1 tree. There are clean large vault restrooms near by. This area i believe has three campsites. We occupied A and B. Closest to the canyon edge. We went in July, (not the best time) it was around 104 degrees F. But the evening was a nice 75 degrees F. Besides the awesome temps in the evening, the view of space, was almot graspable by hand. Moly frikkin so many stars. Fortunately we had some nice canon cameras to campture it.

This is my favorite campsite of all.

SiteGooseberry A B
Month of VisitAugust
  • Biking down
  • The hek?
  • Hot
  • Ton of dirt
  • Weird land
  • Cruising down
  • Night photos
  • Camp at gooseberry
  • Just past sun down, weather is fkn great!
  • Airport tower
  • Nearing the end
  • Them switch backs
  • Were on the moon im telling u
  • Down down
  • End of  the switch backs