Indianola County Historic Park
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Reviewed Jan. 7, 2021

Free, Quiet, & Away from the Crowds at Magnolia Beach

Some places are just best discovered than read about, and Indianola Beach is one such place. We came for a night, and stayed for a week. This place just might win the award for the most chilled-out camping area on the continent, but it would have to muster enough enthusiasm to enter the contest. Rather, all enthusiasm here is geared toward fishin’ and sittin’.  Maybe birdwatching and kayaking too.

Stay on Texas route 316 past the turn off to Magnolia Beach, then turn left once you reach the water. To your right you’ll find the picnic shelters where some folks set up to camp, tents work a little better here since there is beach grass.  

The small beach bathroom with flush toilets, no showers, is right across the road. Continue on up the road to a larger dispersed camping area right on the shore for some more space away from the road. 

Just up the road is the Magnolia Beach dispersed area which has a better bathroom building with flush toilets, warm-ish showers (external access individual stalls), and external beachside rinse off showers. 

Since the area does not charge a dime for your stay of up to 14 days, it is super important to take care of the place, i.e. don’t ruin it for everyone. So, bring plenty of drinking water, and carry away all your rubbish. The area does have trashcans but not a large collection dumpster. Bring your solar panel for some peaceful beachside camping!

There is one convenience store/ take away restaurant in Magnolia Beach with the usual suspects of chips, and beer – you can get a pizza to take back with you to the beach. The closest town with grocery stores, and other services is Port Lavaca, about 12 miles away.

  • This osprey flew right by our door with a fish!
  • Not a bad view just outside our camper door.
  • Gorgeous shells along the shoreline -- found across the bay, along the undeveloped shoreline.
  • And, found some coal too!
  • Big rigs, small rigs, tents, and everything thing in between!
  • Bathroom building just up the road at Magnolia Beach is better than the one closer to Indianaola.
  • These quaint picnic shelters line the coast.  Can be used for the day or you can camp right next to one.
  • There is a steady flow of tankers coming in/out of Port Lavaca.
  • For the Bird Nerds...Royal Terns can be found all up and down this coastline.
  • Good morning, Gulf Coast!
  • Woke up to one of the tanker's fog horn this morning, but our panel still charged up our battery.
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