Sea Breeze RV Community Resort
John G.
Reviewed Jun. 14, 2019

A Bad Thirty Day Long Blind date

Be careful to check what you are getting into before you give them any money. If you are not happy here you are free to leave but they will not be returning your money. $470 plus electricity a month is cheap. The plus cost of electricity which you are not going to find out until ten days after you leave. Is a total rip off. $100 to run a refrigerator, TV, an occasional light and a fan for a month. God help you if you turn on your AC. Kiss good bye to your$200 deposit. This place is by no means worth their by the day charge of$70. 

This is not a RVer’s vacation spot. It is a low rent trailer park filled with permanent residents. Do not expect the usual camaraderie found at vacation spots. There are a lot of people living here that you never see. My home Town of Paradise was destroyed by fire in 2 hours on Nov 8th 2018. I look for escape routes and fire exits. Sea Breeze has none. It has one way in and out with a narrow pinch point at the trash containers that will be a bottle neck in case of fire. For anyone trying to get out and preventing fire trucks from entering the property. Not all of the wires are underground or well maintained. Just days after I left, I was told the old overhead wiring I worried about where I was parked, did start sparking. Sparking electrical wires caused the fire that burned my home to the ground. Keep a go bag handy. When a fire starts here you will have to abandon you car and RV to escape on foot. I saw only one fire hydrant in the park. 

It was far from a welcoming experience. I wanted to leave that same day but they had my money. I could not afford to write it off by leaving. I booked a month in Port Aransas where the Gulf Coast beach is that very day. 

There is no beach at Sea Breeze. The shoreline is littered with construction demo debris. They do have a swimming pool. The slow speed wifi will let you watch Netflix most of the time. If is pretty much useless for anything else like FaceBook, Couchtuner, ECT. It took overnight to download pictures. Although the fellow they send to“ fix" the wifi was one of the few friendly staff I encountered during my stay. 

If you are looking for a low rent trailer park to stay in and are willing to forgo safety to save money Sea Breeze may be the place for you. 

They really don’t seem to care about bad reviews. The rude staff is a common complaint spanning years without improvement.

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