Beech Hollow Hideout
Shelly S.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jun. 18, 2019

Call before you get there

Ranger Review of Mountain House at Beech Hollow Hideout.

Ranger Review: I recently visited Beech Hollow Hideout in/near Dowelltown, Tn. I discovered this listing on The Dyrt Pioneer listing page and used Hipcamp to make my reservation. This place is truly a gem in the Tennessee hollows! William and Sharon have lived in their little corner of the woods for over 19 years and have created an awesome little oasis of tranquility. LOL, sounds sappy, but I mean it!! Their cabin, which they built over three years is a work of art and they don’t mind giving you a peak. Williams workshop (which he also built)is up the hill and they host volunteers from WWOOF , I never heard of it either but I’m not an organic farmer. The Hideout is another climb further up the same hill. Mind you it’s not far, it’s also not too shy of needing a ladder system to get up to. Walkable but you may need a quick break on your way up and your calves will be speaking to you. Thankfully William has a four wheeler to carry the big stuff up. Once up there the first reaction I had was “this is just cool!” The Hideout is complete with porch , fire ring and open air outhouse that has a lived in wrens nest for “decoration”. Then you start exploring and realize the attention to detail William has put into this little hut. Cedar pleasantly permeates the air, a collapsible table inside the door. Mosquito netting on the door if you want to prop it open. A book shelf with a selection of books. Chairs and a flip water jug and cup. A ladder for the loft sleeping area. A little stove inside if your making a winter visit. Split wood already waiting near the fire pit. And a dozen other things I’m probably forgetting. If your going to sneak away to the woods to hide and unwind for a few days this is the place! There are logging trails to hike and a few state park areas nearby if you want additional recreation. You could easily park your vehicle and just relax right there your whole visit. One more note , stop in the last town you pass through and make your final tweets , calls and texts and make sure you have your directions available in your notes cause your GPS and phone service will fail you long before you arrive on site !

Ranger Review: As a Dyrt Ranger On occasion I have the opportunity to try out products. On this trip I carried along Mountain House for lightweight easy packing of a variety of meal options. Chicken and Rice is one of my favorites. I had my other favorite Granola, for breakfast. It is as simple as boiling water for your coffee and Mountain House Pouch, pouring it in the pouch , stirring and setting it aside for a minute or two. Enjoy! I always end up with leftovers when I camp alone due to the large portion sizes. I have a closet full of Mountain House for camping and Emergency Preparation as well as the Zombie Apocalypse:)

  • The view from inside
  • The view from the porch
  • The view from the hammock
  • I actually got a fire going!!
  • Cornelius surveying his domain
  • Working on dinner
  • Goats
  • Cool playground and hen house
  • The Twisted Oak is nearby if you need more people
  • The loft sleeping area
  • I set up my sleeping mat on the spacious floor area.
  • The occupied birds nest
  • Part of the trail uuupppp
  • Visitors sign in book
  • Open air outhouse
  • Mountain House Granola w/ blueberries
  • Ready to eat!
  • Easy to pack and store
  • At another camping spot, my go to breakfast meal
  • Blus kinda trip
  • Chickens getting a drink
  • Zzzzzzz
  • Siesta all around
  • The road in
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