Bear Butte State Park Campground
Reviewed Aug. 20, 2023

Semi-peaceful Location

We have camped at Bear Butte State Park several times and have started to notice that this campground possibly has permanent residents who somehow work the system to stay there. Several of the camping rigs are a patchwork of different colors of paint. One ancient patchwork looking van had a window air conditioner out the back end of it and a very loud truck pulled up, spent the night, and left again in the morning, like the van was their home. They ran the generator until just about midnight and because the campground is small, you could hear this one generator all the way around the loop. An ancient travel trailer was parked next to a small pickup that had a flatbed trailer attached, which they obviously could not haul both at the same time. Another patchwork looking truck with another ancient travel trailer has occupied the same prime spot next to the lake every single time we have camped there. The price of a night is cheap and I have never found it to be full so I suppose these folks are harmless, but the vibe is on the creepy side now. I will be on the search for another campsite to use when I need a campsite in the Black Hills while passing through.

As far as the facilities go, the pit toilet smelled pretty ripe. I've camped many places where the pit toilets smell freshly cleaned and this was not one of them. The floor was covered in what had to be several months' worth of dead flies and the TP was nearly out. There was a camp host on site and only half the sites had people camping in them, so I would think it should be fairly easy to keep a non-busy pit toilet in better shape than it was in.

My last complaint would be the bright light in the middle of the campground. No lights near the pit toilet but there is one that is on a fairly high pole right in the middle. This could be an amazing dark sky park if they would cut the bright light! If light is required, why not put it where it is useful near the pit toilet?

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