Hominy Ridge Cabins and Gift Shop
Reviewed Oct. 30, 2023

Horrible money hungry people

This place will literally scam you out of every dollar they can! Don't use the hot tubs....and you'll still be charged for dirty water. Also, watch for cameras. Pretty bad that the cabin was cleaner when I left then when I showed up. Yet they charged$100 for dirty hot tub water when I made sure the filter was clean and no foam existed when I left. After stating they were getting a bad review for scamming me out of money they threatened to post some bullshit video of a dirty hot tub filter, which I find hilarious considering it could not have been the same filter since I checked it before I departed. I am not the only one complaining about this nonsense...read all reviews from all sources and take pictures to prove everything cause it seems they like to dirty shit themselves just to make a quick dollar. They will be nice to your face, then scam you out of your money, and after they charge your card they become ignorant liars.