Reviewed Aug. 28, 2019

Dry camping at Seven Feathers is a nice change from most places. Leveling is minimal, generator use is between 7 am - 10 pm. There is shuttle service that will take you to the truck stop, rv park, casino, to semi overflow lot or even to a local restaurant. BK is a block away if you prefer that. There is a 5 night max stay. And if all you want is a quick stop there is a Rest Area on the hill overlooking the valley with a 12 hour max stay. There are two private restrooms also. If you have a dog there is a fenced in pet area for off leash but it is rocky. The Dry Lot Area has 50 RV lanes and a very nice doggy area with a bench to sit on while the pet enjoys some grass time

Guess I got it all in the title. I will add that I was woke by someone going through the trash can at 10:30 one night looking for recycle. I won’t park near a trash can again. There is also a semi overflow area behind the truck stop. I went up there after a couple of questionable persons were hanging around the Dry Lot. The manager of the truck stop came over and told me that RVs were not supposed to park there but that there was a $10 charge to park for dropped trailers. How I qualify for that in a Class C with no towed I don’t know. But paid the charge as at least I would get some shade in the afternoon from the 103 deg on this day. But FYI... do NOT park in the overflow lot on a Tuesday or a Wednesday night. The gas station Lot fills up with semis, the overflow lot fills up and the Rest Area fills up! It was like a semi truck convention. I asked a driver why it was so bad on those two nights and he said those two nights the truckers haul a load north or south and drop it and then pick up a load and head back the next day and this is their stopover. So plan accordingly folks. 😀😀

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