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Reviewed Oct. 12, 2021

Convenient, free roadside site near trails, lakes, & meadow in Mt Hood NF

I was running in an ultramarathon race in September in the Mt Hood National Forest and all of the local campgrounds managed by PGE around Timothy Lake were closed due to the end of the season.  I was able to use map layers in The Dyrt PRO to identify where I was within National Forest boundaries and was able to confirm with local officials that I was in a free, dispersed camping zone. So, using the map layers and the search function on The Dyrt I looked for an area near the race start at the Historic Clackamas Ranger Station to park my RV for a 2 night off-grid stay.  The location was a wide gravel area on the side of the road that allowed for enough space to park, put out my awning, set up some chairs and a propane fire pit (no live campfires - propane only) while being within a few hundred yards of the Ranger Station.  There was room to walk along the road on the shoulder and you are very close walk to the Historic Clackamas Ranger Cabin with a beautiful meadow view, the Joe Graham Horse Camp, and just a couple of mile drive from Timothy Lake.  Clackamas Lake Campground was nearby as well with many accessible miles of hikable trails, including access to the Pacific Crest Trail, for hikers of all levels. There was some smoke from local wildfires but that went away as the fall rains arrived that weekend.  If you are looking for a place to park your RV near all of these amazing views and experiences this free, dispersed camping site worked great for me and my family for a couple of nights.

  • Entrance to Miller Trail - 200 yards from site
  • From site - local wildfire smoke in the air
  • Campfire with fellow runners
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  • Historic Clackamas Ranger Station
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  • 1/4 mile from site - entrance to Pacific Crest Trail
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  • From site - NF Road 42
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  • 200 yards from the site - entrance to trails
  • Roadside site - NF Road 42
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  • Before the start picking up my bib
  • At the finish 27h 15m later
  • Roadside site
  • From the site as the other campers arrived