Honey Creek Campground
Reviewed Jul. 8, 2020

Honey Creek or Honey Crook

July 4th wknd 2020: $25 per car plus $14/ person is we were charged! Their website says $14/person on one line and $20/car on another.  We figured it was day camping and overnight camping different prices. We had to rake away all the brush from our campsite, the shower was basically a box in the woods with a garden hose, no trash cans, July 3rd, 4 of the 8 porta potties were open, July 5th 7 of the 8. They were never once cleaned.  People were gagging from the smell. Check out time for 2 day camping was 9am! This was primitive camping at it's worst. Next door was $5/nt. Just no fireworks shooting to my knowledge. For $47 less per nt. I'd forego the fireworks. Also, their is no set quiet time. Noisey all night.  No wonder they didn't collect their money before we set up.

  • This was our campsite after we spent an hour clearing it. We bagged our trash and left it. They never came by to collect trash. Others just threw their trash on the ground.
  • Notice the sign, "No refunds, no exceptions."
  • This is the "office".  You pay and get your wristband here.
  • The creek is in the distance. It's very rocky and low. There's a dry dam to the left that is posted as no trespassing. I think that area belongs to the $5 campground next door as people were swimming up there, but Honey Creek wasn't allowed. This was odd since it is water. I've always seen the water shared by all the campgrounds at other places.
  • The "store".
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