Dead Man Gap Dispersed Campsite
CThe Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Mar. 20, 2021

Great place to treat right

Great spot. As most have said the main site that this link takes you to is up hill some ways from a creek that runs quite a way through the area snaking around and getting to various fill levels depending on recent weather. It also has great spots to see while hiking around. I've been here twice and loved both times. This second time I discovered there are it seems at least 2-3 more, seemingly established, campsites here. The ones that are not given here are along the same main road but along a separate turn off (IT IS NOT MARKED PRIVATE though there is private property marked in the area) that looks more suited for 4 wheel drive or at least something sitting higher than my small car. The furthest of these is essentially on the other side of the creek down from the main site. I can't speak to how nice they are to stay at but I imagine they are nice enough given how nice the main one is. I did walk through 2 and they didn't look bad as I walked through (the 3rd was occupied so I didn't get a look there just saw a person caming). All and all this place is great and I highly recommend. Just please don't take rocks and set up your own fire ring. The main has 2 already and the others all seem to have one. PLEASE PRACTICE LNT!!!