Possum Creek Metro park (Five Rivers Dayton Metro Park)
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Reviewed Jul. 2, 2021

Peace and Quiet at the lake

This is one of my favorite campsites in Ohio.  5 Rivers Metro Parks really knows how to provide a great camping experience.  They provide a bundle of firewood for each night that you have reserved the site.  In addition, you can easily purchase more wood that will be right there at the site for you.  "Your camping permit comes with one 2' x 2' bundle of firewood per night. Additional firewood available at checkout(+$10.00 per 1/32nd of a cord)." https://www.metroparks.org/rentals-permits/reserve-a-campsite/?id=786297&api=facilities&type=camp

The ranger checked in on me and also let me know he was closing the gate to the park.  I had his contact information and felt safe and secure while camping here. We had an awesome conversation and I look forward to seeing him on a future visit. 

I love how easy it is to put away the trash and recycle as this isn't something I see at the larger campgrounds within the state. It is refreshing to see the attention to small details such as this when camping. 

The bathroom is simply a porta john.  It is the accessible one and was fairly clean while I was at the site.  No running water, electricity, or other perks such as being able to buy ice at the campground.  You are close enough that you can run into town to stock up on more ice and items. 

I spent my time at Argonne Lake but you will notice folks fishing at that lake and the other smaller lakes onsite. 

Buckeye my campsite is rated as for 5 parking spots and a capacity of 12 folks.  This is much more than what is allowed at our local state parks.  As I mentioned it is nice and easy for a group of us to camp here.  I have friends that come over from Columbus and I come up from the Cincinnati region.   It is an easy drive and the parking situation is much easier for all of us to drive ourselves from each city with our own gear no shuffling of items. This spot does have other larger campsites if you need to look into that for a larger group. 

"This walk-in campsite is located near Argonne Lake parking lot. It features access to hiking trails, nearby sustainable farm and demonstration gardens, as well as fishing in both the lake and fishing ponds(no license required). This site includes a picnic table and fire ring. Potable water and a restroom are located within 600 feet of campsite on the southeast side of the lake." https://www.metroparks.org/rentals-permits/reserve-a-campsite/?id=786296&api=facilities&type=camp

I have friends that love to explore the lake, ponds, sustainable farm, and the easy access to the trails.  For those that need something interesting to look at you will find old abandoned items such as a pool and street car in the woods.  The land has an interesting history you will want to explore. 

Another thing that is impressive is that they also have a rental program.  If you do not have camping gear but still want to get out and try it then you can rent it from them. https://www.metroparks.org/rentals-permits/rentals/equipment/  A set of 6 is $50.00 for the weekend. This includes the tent, sleeping pads, and sleeping bag.  If you only needed a tent for the weekend that would b e $30.00.   For folks that want to take advantage of their other campsites (backpacking) they have a full rental of backpacking gear for $40.00.  If you only needed the backpack and and tent that would be $25.00 and if you only needed a back pack tent for the weekend that would be $15.00

  • 2 lovely tables for the crowd to sit at which makes it nice one table for cooking and the other table to eat at without feeling crowded.
  • They provide firewood at this site and you can purchase more which I always do to support the 5 Rivers Metro Parks.  This is a win win as they can sell the old dead trees as firewood and your car never has to have firewood in it for your camping trip. It also helps to reduce the spread of invasive species such as various bugs that have caused damage to the region/trees etc.
  • Brief video showing the layout of the campsite
  • Firewood from the 5 Rivers Metro Parks
  • Lake Argonne
  • Lake Argonne popular fishing spot all day and into the evening.
  • Evening video at the campsite
  • Park emptied in the evening (peace and quiet)
  • Campfire also has a nice grill on top of it so no need to pack a grill.
  • Streetcars in the woods
  • Street Car history and information about the park.
  • The woods have various information signs such as to draw your attention to old attractions such as the pool.
  • Pool that was a previous attraction long before it was a metro park.
  • Another ruin you can find in the woods.  This helps to keep some folks motivated on the hike as they explore.
  • Stonework information sign
  • Old roadway into the park before it was a metro park.
  • Trees and we were able to hammock.  I also used my hammock stand for the 2nd hammock. Please use straps on good sized/healthy trees that can be used to hammock.
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