Park and Pack Campsite 10 — Mohican-Memorial State Forest
Reviewed Jul. 16, 2021

Mohican Memorial State Forest, Park & Pack, Site #10

This was my second time enjoying Mohican State Forest’s Park & Pack sites. I took my daughter to site 10 for an overnighter.

If you’re unfamiliar w/ the Park & Pack system I found this PDF to be extremely useful.

As others have stated, make sure to sign in at the kiosk, you can find it here:

950 ODNR Mohican Road 60 (County Road 939), Perrysville, Ohio 44864

There’s no reservations, you show up, see what sites are available, sign in and drive to the appropriate parking area.

After signing in at the kiosk we drove and parked at the upper parking area for sites 8-10. The last 1/4 mile of the road is pretty rutted, so if you have a low profile vehicle you may need to park at the lower area (which isn’t much of a parking area and the Rangers don’t really want anyone parking there).

Site 10 is about 3/4 of a mile down the trail from the upper parking area. Well marked and easy to find. There are plenty of areas to set up shelter and hang hammocks. After my daughter and I set up camp near the fire ring we explored and found spots below the SE edge.

You can find a short “trail” at the NE edge of the campsite that leads down to a ledge where a couple unofficial fire rings have been built. You can also get there by continuing east past the last Site 10 trail marker. The trail is a bit over grown but was still easily followed. It will loop around towards the south then back west leading into the lower area.

The whole area is beautiful and scenic. I’d like to head back in the fall and or winter to enjoy the view of the gorge in different seasons. The site is fairly remote, we only saw a hiker while hiking in and heard mountain bikers riding down the trail NW of Site 10. The only con I would give the site is there’s no water source, so you have to pack in all your water needs. Being the middle of summer that was quite a bit for my daughter and me. Packs were much lighter on the way out.

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