COE W Kerr Scott Reservoir Bandits Roost Campground
Reviewed Jun. 20, 2016

Bandits Roost, NC

I really enjoyed my weekend here and will go back soon. Campground and shower house were clean. I tent camped on a camper site as they were the only spots available for the weekend. The site had a fire pit, grill, picnic table and a food prep table next to the grill. The site was 98b and was on the side of a hill. Rather that having one large area, it was divided with an upper and lower section connected by steps. The upper was wide enough for a camper and the lower part had the grill, etc. It worked well with a tent, but a camper would take up the upper part and leave no room for hanging out under the awning. This site, as did most in the B loop, had great tree cover/shade. There was a pretty constant and comfortable breeze. There were also some good tree for hanging a couple of hammocks on the end of the lower area. The only negatives for me...I was hoping for direct access from the site to the reservoir and the shower house only had one toilet (mens).