El Paso West RV Park
Rachel M.
Reviewed Feb. 20, 2024

Apparently we are POOR…

…yeah the manager said this to my husband. Guess what, we own the BMW motorcycle and the house behind it in the picture. I wish I could leave zero stars because of the disrespectful treatment my husband received. I’m still in disbelief this seriously happened. I want to let everyone know the RV park person managing during the day on Feb. 16, 2024 was very inappropriate and rude. My husband was kicked out because his camper/tiny home did not have pumps. The manager accused of scamming the RV park, for being poor, and lying about where he works. For one thing, a person CANNOT assume by the way a person looks like and second, why would anyone lie about where he works, especially that place specifically. He can show his ID from his place of work. Wouldn’t that be unlawful? Because of his place of work, the last thing my husband would do is anything unlawful and he has worked for the same company for the last 17 years. He built the camper with his own two hands AND he disclosed everything with pictures when he paid for the first month’s rent. How in the world is he scamming when he paid the lot rent earlier than the date he actually planned to move in. In Tucson, we own a$400K home, own a BMW motorcycle, and a Toyota Tacoma with A LOT of aftermarket add ons which may cost more than some of the campers in the RV park. He enjoys building things and took great pride in the build of the camper. Actually, so MANY people actually stop by and ask if they can take a picture of the camper because of how intriguing it is. Whoever the guy was, really needs to take classes on social/people skills and what is and IS NOT okay to say to people, especially customers. It did not have to go down that route and accuse my husband of being a scammer and a liar. Who in their right mind would talk to a customer like that, especially when the customer(my husband) was respectful when the wife of the fat white guy approached him and told him he couldn’t stay there because his camper doesn’t have pumps. My husband said okay and was ready to leave and not cause trouble. The fat white guy just HAD to come out and put in his rude 2 cents. NOT OKAY!!

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  • Review photo of El Paso West RV Park by Rachel M., February 20, 2024
  • Review photo of El Paso West RV Park by Rachel M., February 20, 2024