Strang City Park
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Reviewed Sep. 19, 2021

Needs Help

Outhouse water trash picnic table tent camping cell service 

This is great for a quick overnight especially since you do have cell service. The out house is just that a small house that is OUT actually a pit toilet would be preferable but as they say “any port in the storm”. I have to give them credit that they are trying, they just need to try a bit harder. A nice road just off the highway but the dust from the road can be rather bad.

Strang was first settled in 1886 and was known as Media, about a month later it became known as Bixby because it was thought that Media sounded like many other towns in the area. In April 1886 a windmill salesman by the name of AL Strang donated a windmill and water pump to the town so the town was named after Mr. Strang. That windmill still stands today on Main Street. A fire destroyed much of the town around the turn of the century and another fire in 1934 consumed a town block. In spite of all it’s calamities the town preservers. The small city park takes up a block of the town and it is struggling as is the town. A small RV could park in the area but it is best suited for tents but do not expect amenities.


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