Area One Campground
Charles C.
Reviewed Jul. 14, 2020

One of the premiere Campgrounds in Nebraska

Branched Oak is not the luxury park that Mahoney is but it is one of the premiere campgrounds at Branched Oak which is one of the premiere parks of Nebraska.

This Camp Area actually is two camping areas (east and west)  the West is high on a hill overlooking the water and has a shower/toilet within the camping area.  The East overlooks the play area and has a vault toilet.  There is a central shower/Toilet structure but it is a little jaunt from even the closest RV spot in either area.  As always they assume that the tent campers don't use toilets and don't need showers so they put those areas as far from the facilities as possible.

There is a beach, a play area, a dump station, and a nice trail going off the east tent camping area.

  • Some rules
  • Some more rules.  Note if you are from out of state, we really evidently don't want you spending money in our state.  (only the State Parks feel that way, the rest of us like you...Really)
  • Oops, some more rules
  • And a few more rules
  • OK now it's getting silly
  • Just in case you missed it before, we have some rules here.
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  • The trail I will speak of later goes over the cliffs you see in the distance.
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  • Tent camping on East side
  • Tent Campers get a table and a ring, for $15 and flush toilets and showers if you can hike that far.
  • The trail-head for the trail with great sunset views over that cliffs shown earlier.
  • My wife and I love going out to the Cliff and watching the sunset.  This was taken when there was still ice on the lake.
  • As the sun sets serenely  in the west we bid a fond farewell to this Midwest paradise.