Green Wood Stable Lodge RV Park
Anna C.
Reviewed Feb. 25, 2024

Animal Cruelty - Horrible experience

We were on a 12 hour haul coming from FL. I allotted for 30 min of traffic and 30 min to pick up a horse on our way. Neither of those things happened so we ended up being about an hour early. I texted the host when I was 3 hours out letting her know our new arrival time. She said she wasn't available and I'd have to wait. I said I can't wait, I've had horses on the trailer for 12 hours. She said I was not to unload and was to leave them standing on the trailer while I waited for her. I asked for simple instructions on where to put my animals. She refused. This is absolutely unacceptable and animal cruelty. I ended up having to desperately find another place to go for my horses while on the road. She refused to refund my money. I cannot say enough negative things about this place or the woman who runs it.