Alpine Campground & RV Park
Reviewed Jun. 19, 2021

Hmm... Can't be summarized, read the review

Upon pulling into the Alpine Campground after hours,  we were approached by an elderly women while looking at the board for after hours check in protocol.  Inga, who was the owner, had my husband go into the office which had hanging taxidermy mounts all over as well has "stuff" she has been hoarding.  If this campground cost less and had a working bathhouse, I would have given it higher stars. It was $38 for 2 adults, 2 kids electric and water hook up.   (FYI cash only).

Once we paid she found her missing golf cart and drove it like a maniac!   She literally almost hit out truck twice.  She hit the gas instead of the break and swerved to miss us.  She drove it pedal to the metal in circles trying to find our spot in the empty grassy field behind their house.  When she finally decided upon our spot, she drove around again and literally almost hit our truck.  I am so thankful that she didn't because I can't even imagine what would have happened to her if she did going as fast as she was and her age.  Her son, who apparently works there, needs to take the keys from her!  She was a very kind women, but for her safety and sanity she needs help running the place or to sell it!  

The cost was overpriced for what we received.  We were told the toilets didn't work because there was a piece on order for over 2 weeks, the sinks weren't working so we couldn't use those either, but you could get a hot shower for a $0.25. She also asked that we not use the sanitary dumping station unless we really had too. The garbage was overflowing and in desperate need of pick up.  You could save this campground was mosquito heaven.  My son had 9 mosquito bites on his back when he woke up the next morning.  We were barely outside because this was just a quick overnight stop on our way home.  Mosquitos are part of nature so that isn't a complaint just an observation for future campers- bring mosquito spray!   

We were happy to pull out the next morning and be on our way.   We wouldn't chose this campground again, nor the city campground in Ironwood we passed on that landed up as Alpine.  There is another up the road a mile or two we should have considered.   

This spot could be a real gem with a little bit of money and work.  Someone please help Inga out!!

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