O'Connell's Yogi Bear RV Resort
Stuart K.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Nov. 26, 2021

Yogi Bear Name Says It All

It's simple and incredibly easy.  Nice and compact.  From a parent's point of view, it's a no-brainer. Chock full of decent amenities.  And in the middle of nowhere.  If it weren't for all of the golf carts running through this place at high-speed by residents that have had a few too many Schlitz beers, it wouldn't be half bad.  There's a nice pond for the kiddos to fish in, and true to the Yogi Bear name, there's a ton of other arts and crafts activities for the kids to enjoy.  All the basic hook-ups and pebble-strewn driving lanes are there for the RV'er crowd to feel incredibly comfortable, but for camping purists, I would highly recommend you look elsewhere for a much less commercial spot to pitch your tent for the evening.  That said, if you do find yourself here in the north central area of Illinois, you'll find brilliant stars dangling from the night's sky, along with clean, crisp air that hangs with a touch of silky dew from the fields of fresh corn fields that encircle you.  

Insider's tip?  Just a short 1 mile hike or so south, you'll come across Leake Lake, where you can escape the crowds of would-be campers to enjoy lakeside bliss the way it was meant to be.  Here you'll catch good sized blue gill and maybe even a decent catfish or two.  There's also nearby Amboy March Nature Preserve, which is great for some decent hiking.  Depending upon the time of year of your visit, if mid-August, I would encourage you to check out the Sweet Corn Festival in nearby Mendota.  If not, I highly recommend you head south to Ladd to Rip's, where you'll enjoy the best fried chicken on the planet, along with some really great draught beers to wash it all down with.

Happy Camping!

  • You'll come across this sign from nearby HWY 52
  • Follow your GPS to arrive east of Amboy, here at O'Connell's Yogi Bear's Camp Resort
  • Cartoons will follow you everywhere here, so brace yourself!
  • Extra points to this campground for installing some great security measures to keep the 'riff raff' contained (at least from the outside!)
  • Some of the RV'ers that you'll come across here appear to be digging in on a more semi-permanent basis
  • Here's the first driving lane that you'll come across just due north of the property
  • Quite a number of temporary RV spots seem fortified with semi-permanent structures around them, like this one
  • Behind this facade, you'll find the community garbage disposal
  • Behind the main reception, you'll find a lovely pond that has a decent amount of fishing to be had, if you can get past the ducks and geese
  • There's a fantastic pond here with a wee beachhead, perfect for the kiddos to catch some small blue gills.
Month of VisitOctober