Jonathan A.
Reviewed Sep. 23, 2020

Perfect mountain with river!

This is beyond the Payette River campground, if you follow the South Fork road down a ways, you will see a few turn outs, likely with several filled. This is US Forestry or BLM or both land. You’ll hear echos of gunfire, the occasional semi blasting up the highway or the rumble of tons of bikes making their way up the highway... and if its fire season, there will be helicopters coming in and filling giant buckets of water as there is a Ranger station and water reserve near by. It is a surreal view and area. Dispersed, no amenities, nothing but you, the dirt, rocks, tall pines and little critters. The chipmunks like to tease dogs, but they also taste amazing fried up with some potatoes. There are huge fish in the river below and the water is unbelievably clear, albeit 40ft down from the camp sites in most areas. There are some markers in a few of the areas identifying the land and the forest rangers like to come out and make sure you dont have a campfire. People get possessive over these spots, even though it is public land. Seems a few of these campers have setup and been there a while.
Regardless, it is stunning and perfect!

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