Elliott Key - Biscayne National Park
Leah W.
Reviewed Sep. 24, 2016

Snorkeling not up to par

We were expecting a lot more when it came to the snorkeling... the water was semi cloudy and we only saw a couple fish. It wasn't what we expected, but still a fun experience. We stayed at the group campsite and got hit with a ton of storms. Thankfully there was a shelter nearby where we hung out for most of our trip. It had cover and picnic tables so we could escape from the rain. When it was nice out, it was good fishing and nice sunsets. We fit about 18 people in the group site.

  • The picnic tables at the shelter where we played games and hid from the rain.
  • It was very cold for swimming so we mostly laid out on the grassy dock areas.  There wasn't much sand beaches
  • Weird blue jelly things that we avoided... not sure what kind of sea creature they were!
  • Carts you can use to unload the ferry and bring everything to your campsite.
  • Drying out our tents after all the rain.  This is the large group site where we had 18 people
  • Fire pit at the campsite was nice and large for a big group.
  • View from the group campsite
  • This was the small beach area.  Clear water, but your view was obstructed by the boueys.