Triple C's Campground & RV Park
Reviewed Apr. 10, 2022


Another reviewer got it right-HOSPITALITY. We rolled in after hours but still were welcomed SO WELL by the owner & given a color print-out map with our receipt/etc. He helped us park & answered our many questions about the flora & fauna. Where we're from magnolia is a sort of decorative shrub- here they stand over 60' tall. Yes,, there are 'tree snakes'. Walk "firmly" to let snakes know you're coming, as its the startled ones that strike. Starting from a field near the barns there's a path leading to a small waterfall by a rise that may be an Native American burial mound. Flat Creek is nice, and clearly on its way to so e improvements also. Map I photographed shows length of today's spaces. Fortunately for us in spot 16,# 21 was open, so the pulling-through was just that. Pads are asphaltish- gravel… we needed to do some slight leveling. We really liked it here! Oh, and its across the way from a fun something we'd read about on the Atlas Obscura - the deadly fast, now illegal sport of Jai-Alai was once played and (bet upon) there.

  • current map- some close-together sites may disappear as development continues, for improved access.
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