Camp Wewa
Stuart K.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Nov. 19, 2021

Backwoods Camping Respite

The YMCA, who previously ran this campground, recently returned ownership and management back to the township of Apopka.  The grounds are stashed far enough away from civilization that makes this place a real find.  In fact, had it not been all the Camp Wewa signs along the road, I would have never arrived to this destination.  Basically, whatever you can conjure up for a summer camping experience for kid campers this place has in spades.  There's a (nearly Olympic-size) swimming pool, vertical climbing walls, free-standing cabins and plenty of trails to keep you occupied as the surrounding nature invite you to partake in its green, verdant jungle-like area of north-central Florida.  Call ahead for reservations.

Happy Camping!

  • Just look at all this amazing Spanish moss dripping from this old trees!  Be on the look out for the Camp Wewa signs (seen here) otherwise you'll miss this place
  • Here's the front drive
  • Plenty of canoes and kayaks are strangely used as decor
  • Here's the main office
  • Tucked away behind the trees is this amazing climbing wall
  • Obviously, some of the campers got bored, so decided to carve headscapes (for a moment, I thought I was in Tahiti!)
  • Harbingers of when the YMCA ran this campground
  • Gingerbread house-like structures decorate these grounds
  • Plenty of spaces for group gatherings
  • Come with me for a short walk around the property
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  • Main building where you'll check-in and all questions will be answered