Cynthia W.
Reviewed May. 31, 2018

A beautiful spot!

This was our second stay at Riverside. We loved it the first time and loved it the second! The grounds are well kept and vault toilets are always clean (something my girls judge very critically!). The tent sites are walk-in. We lucked out last year and picked a site that was a short walk from the parking lot, but some are very far and are quite the hike. Perfect for if you want to be further away from fellow campers, but not good if you have littles that need to use the toilet in a hurry. We chose the same site this time, knowing what our choices were.

The campground will get a bit of drive by traffic as 11 Mile Canyon is a great place to fish. Mostly early morning and later in the day.

We love being able to cross the road and be at the river. The girls love fishing and skipping rocks and the river is shallow enough in many spots to wade and play in.

The camp site we chose (#6) is close to trees and a meadow and so wildlife is abundant! It has been very dry the last two summers, so please mind your fire! Our site is also very close to a hiking trail, so some hikers do wander by.

Overall we love it here and will be back for more adventures!