Meadows of San Juan Resort
K W.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jun. 5, 2023

Could be so much more

Facilities were a five. Unfortunately as guests we weren't allowed to use them. There is a main community building with a workout center, games, big screen TV, laundry, showers, and pool. I would have liked to have worked out in the AM but was confused by if the facility was intended to be available for us and again, judging by pool hours and the locked door, was closed. The pool had very limited hours- opening at ten and closing at seven. The long term families essentially told us we were not welcome- my son was told by one child that he shouldn't go in because he didn't live there. I went to check out the pool after a long day and the owner's family was using the lodge as a living room, it felt awkward and intrusive to go into the lodge to get to the pool. There was a wagon complete with hay outside that fascinated the kids because they loved the idea of a hayride, but no mention of how to get one if it was offered.

There were tons of outside games- shuffleboard and basketball, but no mention of where you could borrow items to use them. If it was the camp store, the hours inhibited that because most families won't be back from sightseeing in time.

The camp store had super limited hours, and although you were supposed to check in here, it closed at three.

When we arrived we were assigned a spot that was decent enough, but had two hoses attached to the spigot. One was going to the spot of a long term guest and the other to a hose used by the campground. The sewer connection was buried under discolored gravel. I paid a little extra for this premium spot. There was a piece of plywood by the connections. I felt like if you are assigned a spot it should be ready for use. Allowing another guest or maintenance to use the spigot leaves the guest in the awkward spot of finding the owners or not using the water spigot.

While we were driving around to find our spot, we drew the attention of the residents, which felt a bit territorial?

If the owners hired more outside staff to keep facilities open longer and were more welcoming to short term guests, this place would easily be worthy of the resort name and could charge a bit more. There are mild signs of neglect- wire fencing tacked up in dog park area, playground overgrown a bit, landscaping with lots of dead grass (but I believe it was due to weed killer being used to get overgrown vegetation under control). The long term sites had very tall grass and weren't very tidy.

The landscaping showed signs of being refreshed, which was positive. The buildings are in good repair.

The owner himself was nice enough and quick to reassign us. I think it is safe enough, so if you want to keep to yourself and not be able to use the facilities, this is the place for you. It does, however, seem to be in an identity crisis. It can't decide if it is essentially a trailer park geared towards RVs or if it is a resort. At this time of the year, it should easily be booked solid with overnight guests, but wasn't. The short term guests typically don't receive the discount long term residents get, so I feel they should have access to all facilities. I have been to true resorts where no distinction was made between guest types and they had a more welcoming feel. I booked through the dyrt when the campground website showed spaces were not available. Most guests will go through the direct website and I was confused by the discrepancy. In summary, great bones but confusing business model.

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