Arkansas Point Campground
Reviewed Oct. 16, 2021

Hiking, Biking, Boating, or None of the Above.

First of all, the sites towards the back, by the trails... yeah, get one of those. Trail access directly from those campsites. Also the best views. I had site 16, which was a pull-in site for a trailer, but for this night it was just my, my tent, and my dog. 

Speaking of trails, they're everywhere. And amazing. We had a weather front come in as the sun was setting, and the sky was alive with textures and colors. Morning found fog/ mist completely covering the lake, while cloud remnants stuck around to hug the mountains behind the campsites. Good stuff.

Even for a fairly big campground, there is space and there is quiet. Maybe 'tis the season, but autumn seemed to bring out the best in everyone. And yes, it was cold. It's Colorado. High and cold come with the territory. There is a fire pit at each site, and a covered picnic table.

Despite the view of the marina below, the few boats that were out didn't seem to make enough noise to overwhelm the campgrounds. I can't say I remember hearing any boats. Owls, yes. A coyote or two? Probably. Birds? Absolutely. Boats...? Not that I remember.

The bathrooms were very clean, with showers. Thankfully another review mentioned the crazy shower spray though. I remembered that review just in time, saving my clothes from getting soaked. Water pressure is good and hot, just a little chaotic. Don't put your clothes on the bench.

  • Right behind my campsite.
  • At the top of mesa behind the campground.
  • Winter is coming!
  • Lots of room, plus a fire pit.
  • The trail directly behind the campsites first thing in the morning.
  • That bank of clouds is the lake.
  • Sunrise.
  • The clouds put on a show.
  • The view down to the marina.
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