Two Harbors Campground
Reviewed Sep. 30, 2020


This is a nice spot to camp. A little pricey per night ($70) but sometimes you just gotta splurge. You do have to walk to your site which involves a few hills but I took a few breaks along the way and it was fine. You can pay to get your luggage delivered to your site I am unsure of the price. We got a foldable wagon to lug all our stuff to our site. Make sure you have a strong man. Lol walking the hills was enough for me I couldn’t imagine pulling a wagon full of gear as well. You can also get firewood delivered to your site no extra charge. It’s ten bucks a bundle. Two bundles lasted about 4 hours. The boat to and from Catalina only operates on certain days so make sure they fit your camping schedule. Lots of things to do. Scuba diving,kayaking, swimming, frisbee golf, and just relaxing enjoying the view.