Thousand Trails Soledad Canyon
Chad Y.
Reviewed Apr. 4, 2023


This is my second stay at this RV resort. Both times I was here the Rangers would not enforce any rules and regulations. This particular stay there were two RVs with excessive dog barking from 7 AM till 10 or 11 PM every day and night. 

One RV was parked right next to the restroom and they would tie their dog up to the picnic table for over 12 hours a day. Every time someone walk down the sidewalk to use the facilities, the dog with lunch and start barking at them. The manager and the other Rangers said they do not care and did not enforce anything over a three week. This was an aggressive dog that was lunging, and I’m very concerned that it will break loose invite somebody. None of the Rangers have any concern for our safety.

 The second RV left two dogs and a cat alone for 12 hours a day. They left the windows open and the dogs with aggressively bark and how all day long. Again the Rangers did not care and did nothing about it. Brian, the manager, and three other Rangers witness the dogs in the window, barking aggressively, and refused to do anything about it. 

My neighbor and I called over 20 times to the Rangers. I even personally met with the manager Brian. He said he would take care of it and he never did. The Ranger name by the name Sandra said that she was unwilling to do anything about enforcing the rules, and that if I didn’t like it, I should move. I informed her that I’m paying her salary/wages and I expect her to do her job. She hung up on me. She is completely useless, and should be removed from the staff. 

I’m not sure why Thousand Trails system as allowing Rangers to collect their paychecks without doing their job. 

I regret purchasing by thousand trails membership. If I wanted to hear dogs barking all day, I would stay at a dog boarding kennel. Beware before you visit or purchase a membership through thousand trails Soledad Canyon. Chances are you will regret it.

Month of VisitApril
  • The Manager and other rangers let this happen for three weeks all day everyday.  Excess barking and howling.  They refuse to enforce park rules.
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