Santiago Island Village
Dominique Z.
Reviewed Aug. 12, 2021

So unprofessional

The camp staff were intoxicated and very offensive twords us . Calling us names very rude ! Scared the kids ! Because of a minor misunderstanding. The kids accidentally left with a fishing rod tht wasn’t ours bt when we found out ( which was the next day) we drove from sf ca to bethel island ca ASAP to return it and apologize for our mistake! And they called our kids lol thieves ! This was our camp ground, we had been going every year for the past 7-8 years without incident and now they are refusing us from renting our campsite ! This is my sons bday camp trip tht they could bank on us being there every august ! Now we have the kids out camp gear and they are like no , because he says so ! Very childish and mean ! My son loves this campsite it’s been our lil traditional thing you no ! Our heart is broken now 😔 ! Oh and I guess we didn’t leave the property fast enough because he called thugs to remove me my 4 kids, 1 n a car seat mind you ! They had weapons and everything they seriously scared the heck outta the kids !!

Sitepiper point marina bethel island ca
Month of VisitSeptember