Rancho Oso RV & Camping Resort
Tom W.
Reviewed Nov. 5, 2020

Nice Place

I drove up the 101 by the coast of Santa Barbara on a Wednesday. It was beautiful, and pretty chilly by the water. Then I made the climb up the mountains to Rancho Oso. I stayed in the 5th level that had full hookups, and it was tiered in 7 levels, with an average of 10 spaces a level. The pool is open by sign up. I played some mini golf, right next to the horseshoe pits, but other amenities you use at your own risk. The store, and kitchen are closed. The lodge is open to use their WiFi, which is wicked slow, but beggars can’t be choosers. They have horse rides, and farm animals for the kids to view, and horses to rent for rides. There’s also there’s also a couple of families of Turkeys wandering around. The closest full grocery store is about 1/2 hour away, in Solvang, but Lake Cachuma has a gas station, and a small convenience store, and gas, at the midway point. I ran out of gas on my Vespa going there one day. No bueno! And forget about that chilly weather on the coast. This is in the mountains, and even though it’s a little over 1,000 feet up, it was quite a bit warmer. Unseasonably warm for the first week, in the mid-90’s. There was also a steady breeze going through. More like a steady wind, as it was pretty strong. I had to take my awning down it was so strong. My second week started out nice, as it cooled down to the upper 70’s, but that wind still swept through the canyon we’re located in. Since I don’t have a truck or car in tow, I had plenty of room to back in, and fully open my awning when I first set up, not realizing the wind in the early afternoon kicks in. Plus there was still room for the picnic table, BBQ at every space. And I also had plenty of room for my Vespa . Most people can’t open their awnings, since they parked their tow vehicle in that area. The ones that could open them had them closed, like I did, because of the wind. All levels are full hookups, and some in another area were just E/W. Pretty much full sun all day, except for a couple of shady spaces. No fires, but charcoal grilling is okay, and probably a portable propane fire pit would be okay, too. The Men’s and Women’s rest rooms/showers were 2 spaces over from me, right where the washers/dryers were. The lI stayed on the 5th tier, right next to the laundry was , whichvery reasonable at $2.00 to wash, $1.50 to dry. If you have a heavy load of clothes to wash, they charge an extra 25 cents to wash., and free hot , No cell service, but I The only was and it was super slow, and that was with my WeBoost. I ran a speedtest, and it wasn’t even 1 Mbps. The upload speed was twice as fast, at a whopping 2Mbps. I was there for an hour for something that should have taken 10 minutes. On one But, beggars can’t be choosers, if you really need it, which I did. Cell service was , surprisingly, one bar, if you’re lucky, but most days it’s none, even with my WeBoost. Next time I’ll put it up higher. No OTA channels with my Winegard antenna. I only watch TV at night anyway, and I have the Dish Playmaker, so no biggie. I mostly listened to my tunes, walked the dog during the day, and take the the occasional scooter ride., and I played a couple rounds of mini. Even got 2 holes in one! ranger I his Took water for both of us. They cater to horse owners, and there were at least 20 horses I saw roaming in their corrals, and I’m sure there’s some nice trails around here, too. I love it in the mountains, heat and all, and the Western feel of Rancho Oso has a nice vibe to it. I’ll be back, as it’s nice and quiet, and you always see the rangers, or employees riding around. Not bad enough to keep me away, as I’m sure I’ll be back this way again. I spent a nice quiet, enjoyable, 2 weeks.