Olive Dell Ranch
Sara H.
Reviewed Oct. 28, 2021

Was not prepared for this disappointment

I did make a phone call to them before leaving and driving some 30 miles to get to their location which is in a rather secluded rural area and we were told that yes to come down and upon our arrival they completely changed their attitude. Let me explain a little something I am a burn survivor and heavily scarred and yes this is a nudist resort they were at the least bit of uncomfortable by seeing my scars with my clothing on. They did not accept me and treated me and My scars as though I was a disease and of course they had changed their mind about letting us try out their campgrounds we had no problem leaving this free spirited supposed nudist colony it was 8:00 at night and we still had to find a place to go for the night so roughly 5 minutes later we were in our car deciding where we were going to go next and rudely we were told that we needed to leave or they were going to call the police on us we were no threat to them we gave them no attitude of any kind and considering it we would rather understanding for them not allowing us to be there as for my scars might have scared someone my pictures are rather plain as for what this place was and I want to respect people's privacy of course but I would not recommend this to anybody couples singles families as for they are not as open-minded and free spirited as they claim I had no intentions of being nude but I had the intentions of being free-spirited and open-minded it's very hard as a survivor not just for myself but for my family too they're very supportive and loving to me and that's all I need but excuse me for saying but this place is complete bulldoodie would not recommend it to anybody

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