Mount Diablo State Park
Reviewed Jun. 28, 2020

Simple, clean, great views!

Juniper Campground Campsite#16 

-Recommend Juniper Campground over Live Oak campground for close views at top. 

-It takes ~30-45 minutes to drive from the bottom of the mountain to Juniper Campground depending on the amount of traffic on the mountain. 


  • Bathrooms: near JC Campsite#24- clean with toilet cover and toilet paper. 

  • Diablo overlook: spacious- good views for sunset, sunrise, stargazing. 

  • Food locker: 2x. We used the one beneath the tree- raccoon did not get inside. 

  • Parking: vehicle fit on roundabot right next to campsite. 

  • Privacy: secluded by surrounding bushes Spacious: can fit at least two+ tents Trash/Recycling bins: plentiful 

  • Warm campsite at night - still felt like ~65F+ ~ 11pmPST. 

  • Water spouts: plentiful

Minor cons:

-no shade at campsite until ~5pmPST near picnic table. 

-Flies/bees active buzzing at campsite.

-If sitting around picnic table at night, make sure snacks are not out on picnic table, but kept in lap. Raccoon was not shy about jumping on inactive stove top.

-minimal view from campsite#16, tall bushes provide privacy. better view from the overlook.

-windy - woken up ~3AM from strong winds.

SiteJC #16
Month of VisitJuly