Kimberly M.
Reviewed May. 3, 2018

huge campground, nice lake

Don't come seeking serenity here, it's definitely a BIG family campground! There are a lot of large groups and families that come here (seems like they'll take up a big part of a loop by reserving multiple sites), so the sites at in the farthest corners will be your best bet if that's not what you want.

The hosts here in 2017 were quite nice, and the lake is lovely (it's a perfect swimming lake and should be pretty chill for kayakers as well). You're close-is to a town where you can get somethings, but it's pretty slim pickings so stock up before you head too far up the hill. Speaking of food, it's definitely bear country, and a site close to ours was stupid enough to leave their food out at night (guess what happened!!) It's also a dog-friendly campground, which is nice.

Be aware that there are several sites in the loop we stayed at (including ours) that have an entrance with significant grade, so you'll be backing up a camper/trailer up a hill. Since we had a more secluded site it was worth it, though!

  • didn't catch any fish but the lake was nice

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