Coldbrook Campground
Reviewed Sep. 8, 2020

5Star Site-1 Star Trash

Beautiful spacious and private campgrounds. We had a campsite next to the creek and it was beautiful to see and listen to.

Cons: The incessant number of bugs during the day- flies, gnats, wasps- you name it. People dont pick up after themselves or dogs. We had an excess of flies due to the overwhelming number of poop puddles left throughout just our campsite alone- ppl left trash, human waste, vomit puddles. Other than that- the campgrounds are beautiful with the natural vegitation mix of what seem to be some sort of large succulent with an abundance of beautiful trees and shrubs. The creek or stream is a good size- its not just a tiny trickle- you can hear the running stream while you sleep. At night, we camped during a no fire period so no campfires or outdoor propane gas stove fires. We sat in the darkness and took in the stars with the sound of the creek below us. Campsite comes with a picnic table, a small fire pit ring and bbq grill. We camped with five little dogs- crowds usually give me anxiety for fear of them barking and disturbing the peace but the space between each campsite was ample and private enough to put my mind at ease.