Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area Campground
Deadeye F.
Reviewed Jun. 11, 2021

A peaceful lush family getaway

Clean air, serenading sounds of birds and winds blowing through the green brush and tall beautiful trees. Silverwood Lake was just that. Lush green mountains in the back drop that surrounded every view you turned to take in. "You need to recharge your batteries!" Those were the words my wife told me the day before. Boy, did I come to the right place for that. It was a last minute unplanned trip. Thankfully I had not forgotten how to pack and prepare for something like this, even though the last time I retreated for the mountains to "recharge my batteries" had been over 8 years! With no reservation I was assisted by the amazing and very friendly Park Rangers at the entrance of the site. I got real lucky with a "first come first serve" spot and it was perfect for my 9 year old son and I (this would be his first time camping). My kiddo was filled with questions about the area and the animals. He really enjoyed the tranquility of nature, and also being miles away from his loud and temperamental 3 year old sibling lol. After setting up we took a walk and explored the area and beautiful scenery. There are many look outs nearby where you can sit for a moment and take in the splendor that Silverwood Lake offers. The view of the lake and the mountains and trees under a purple dusk sky was exactly the moment I hoped my son could experience just as I did 8 years ago. The following day we had a wonderful breakfast and went down to the lake. Everyone was so friendly, and courteous there. It was like we did not want to leave. We really enjoyed our time and surroundings there. I highly recommend this park for families or if you're camping solo too. Silverwood Lake is my refuge for peace of mind and relaxation. And yes, I returned home with my batteries at 100%.

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Month of VisitJune
  • Found a beautiful picnic area surrounded by tall trees.
  • Take a deep breath, and chill 😌
  • That trailer probably has an amazing view from the inside.
  • Kiddos first camping trip. How exciting!