Rocky Point Steep Ravine - Mt Tamalpais State Park
Reviewed Sep. 14, 2020

Most sacred

My second childhood home and one of the most sacred places I have had the blessings to be apart of, know my own children's second home. The campgrounds are amazing and a world unto themselves, so much so when Sunny Bell first brought my mom and I to Steep Ravine the cabins only cost $15 and we didn't even know there were campsites there for years! The wildlife is off the hook..I've seen deer in the seaside vernal pools, wild miniature ocean bunnies boxing in the morning sunshine, and a great white shark off the cliffs one fine day... This place is absolutely fabulous....and we didn't even get into the mermaid hot springs gracing the beaches during super low tides! Luv you mom! I know your up there at steep kickin it at the wine tree!