Big Bear Shores RV Resort
Robert A.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jun. 30, 2021

We will not stay here again

There's a lot to like about Big Bear Shores RV Park: the park is gated with security, well maintained, and the office staff were friendly and efficient. This park has everything needed to be a 5 star stay. My 2 star review deducts:-1 point for no WIFI,-1 point for being ridiculously expensive($130 to$250+/night), and-1 point for harassment. We decided to stay at Big Bear Shores only because all other parks in the area were full for 2 nights of our intended stay. The price was an obvious deterrent: I selected the most reasonably priced spot possible at$110+$20 fee(per night). The"water-front" spots are much more expensive and are only available for Class A RVs(though owners have 5th wheels in those spots). I put water-front in quotes because the lake is very low so those spots aren't really on the actual water. To be so expensive, but provide no WIFI is inconceivable as most private campgrounds over$30/night provide some type of WIFI. Big Bear Shores does have other amenities such as a pool, ball courts, and a clubhouse, but"renters" could only use a portion of the facilities. The list of rules ensures that renters understand their second class status while in the park. There is a distinction between owners and renters because much of the park is filled with permanent residents with many of the trailers having permanent stairs and plumbing. The harassment is where we finally really had it with this park. When you make a reservation, you are presented with a list of rules as long as your arm. We read them and agreed to abide by them, which we did to the letter. During our second night there, our dinner was interrupted by a security guard who said there had been a complaint about our rig. Mind you, we arrived in a brand new 2021 truck and 2021 trailer that were on their maiden voyages. The complaint was that our trailer was not long enough. The rules state all trailers must be at least 26 feet, which ours is. The security guard stepped off our rig heal to toe and stated that it might be a foot short, so I had to pull up the manufacturer's specifications to demonstrate that we complied with their rule. Because we were leaving the next morning, he told us we might be ok, though he said we might expect another visitor to come banging on our door. Fortunately, no one else appeared because I might have flipped out. If your rig is anywhere near 30 feet or less, you should expect the same treatment.

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