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Reviewed Aug. 9, 2018

Only 10 Minutes From Historic Downtown Without Downtown Prices

I am a huge fan of the springs in Eureka Springs and and the victorian style of the town itself. You can come here during any given time of year and find something of interest from the motorcycle rallies to the classic vw weekends to the art week or even fiddle fest and one of the most important things when attending any number of these events is finding the perfect site to stay.

I explored many options in my numerous trips to this area from those sites in town to those just outside its bounds, each offering their own unique features to add to the Eureka way of life.

On one trip I check out Lake Leatherwood City Park, a campground only about 10 minutes outside of the historic downtown area. This historic lake has both tent camping and cabin options.

I selected a tent option without electrical connections and it was only $13. My camp included the typical fire ring and picnic table, nothing to special in way of actual provided items. But something that did make #14 a bit better than most were the views of the lake itself. It was located in what they consider the meadow section of the campground, a bit further away from the restrooms but worth the walk because of the lake access.

I was very pleased with the size of my site and the overall feeling of the campground. It was not to crowded, despite it being a weekend. I feel like part of this was because of the time of year I was there, not yet summer. It was easy to maneuver in and out of camp and toward town where I spent the majority of my time.

This option is perfect for those wanting to enjoy the Eureka Springs area without the hassle of finding a place in city limits at a much higher price point. By taking the short 10 minute community you can save nearly $10 on a campsite or on the lower side up to $30 from hotels.

A few fun things to check out at the lake are the swimming beach, the dam area with the unique bridge across and the many trails for both hiking and biking.


  • Get a pass for the trolly and park and ride instead of trying to find parking and paying much more. If you want you can park at the Harley Dealership and Pine Mountain Village area (large parking area with a trolly stop).
  • Go on a springs tour, you can find maps at the downtown museum for where each of the springs are located and from there you can ride the trolly or walk to the majority of those.
  • Downtown one of my favorite areas!! The town of Eureka is such a quirky artsy community.   This staircase is literally 10 minutes from the camp and leads up to the historic downtown district.
  • A view of the area near Lake Leatherwood, this is one of the many observation tower views you can take in while in this area.
  • One of the many trails, overrun with vines but making for a unique Ozark experience
  • A view of the Ozarks from near the campsite.
  • a part of historic downtown

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