Stoneman Lake Dispersed Area
JThe Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Nov. 19, 2022

Gorgeous if You're Brave

I went on a trip here in late monsoon season, and the yellow flowers on the rolling hills was the prettiest landscape I've ever seen. The weather that day was perfect. 

Of course, it was monsoon season so I got hit by a sudden torrential rain and hailstorm with thunder that sounded like like bombs were being dropped. So be sure to check the forecast, and set up camp as soon as possible if you see clouds forming. 

Also, I'm used to camping in Payson, and the biodiversity here was INSANE in comparison. Tons of wildlife. I unknowingly sat down 10ft away from a doe while taking a break on the trail up the mountain. There are predators so beware if you're taking the roads less traveled, I saw a lot of many signs of what I believe was a cougar. 

It was the best and most adventurous trip I've done so far

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