Ramsey Mine Rd BLM / Dispersed Camping
Laura M.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jan. 31, 2021

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Between Hwy 60 and Hwy 10 is a large swath of BLM land with many established spots to camp on the east side of Ramsey Mine Rd. There were many other RVers staying here when we stayed here in January, mostly crowded along the northern half of the road closer to Hwy 60. We managed to find a spot closer to Hwy 10 with nobody around us, and it was fairly quiet with the exception of road noise from I 10 and ATVs driving past all day long. 

The main draw here appears to be ATV riding, and if we didn’t need to stay in the area to wait for some mail, we would not have stayed here. This area is where ATVers camp while they are riding elsewhere, so while you have ATVs coming and going from their RVs, they are not zooming around riding on paths all around you. The road noise from Hwy 10 was pretty loud, and pretty constant all day and all night. The ground here is very rocky, with mostly firmly packed small rocks and dirt with some bigger sharp rocks as well. Spaces are large and flat and likely accessible to any type and size rig as well as tents. 

No hiking trails in the area, but there’s open BLM land all around to explore and look for rocks. Some chollas out in those areas so watch your legs and your dogs. 

Good AT&T and Verizon service here. No amenities. Pack in / pack out. 

This spot is about a mile from the town of Brenda, where there is a general store with a cafe. There is also an Amazon locker here at the store. It’s an easy walk to the store; there is a path that takes you under Hwy 60 so you don’t even need to cross the road. 

Note - see New Water Mountains Wilderness just on the other side of Hwy 10 for a nicer and quieter place to stay!

  • no toilets at this spot but there's this!
  • RIP Ol'e Killer
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  • Lots of RVs crowded together closer to Hwy 60
  • sturdy fire pit
  • Ramsey Mine Rd
  • No crowds further south closer to I 10
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