Plamosa BLM Dispersed Camping Area
Dee S.
Reviewed Feb. 18, 2021

Free BLM Camping Polmosa Rd. Quartzsite AZ

I've camped in the Polmosa Rd. BLM area several times during the past three years. My first couple years I didn't venture far from the area with the camp host.  This year I drove further east, about 5 miles, on Polmosa Rd. because my brother came from New York to camp with me and I wanted us to have a more isolated spot.

I spotted a dirt road to the right and took that. We followed it for a while basically running parallel to Polmosa Rd. then it went off to the right (south) and got a bit more rugged. We had to go through a pretty bad dip in the dirt road (through a wash) which bottomed out my brother's trailer which was much lower to the ground than mine.  Shortly after we got past that the road got even wore so we pulled off into a flat area to set up camp there.  It was nice.

We spent a few days the first week of January 2021 in that area. I found several nice agates while hiking there. When we were ready to leave we were concerned about my brother trying to get back through that wash so on my daily hikes I search for another way out and found it a mile or so further east from our camp. It would have better to come in that way.

I was trying to find the exact spot on Goggle map but couldn't. I like it enough to go back again so next year I'll get the coordinates and take more photos.  One morning I was looking for rocks and turned over a big one to find a little lizard under it. He was hardly moving so I picked him up thinking he was injured or something. I carried him around with me for awhile. He was fine once he warmed up. It was really cold that night so I guess being cold blooded the little guy wasn't able to move until he warmed up.

  • There are these packed gravel areas all along the BLM land where it's easy to level out and set up camp
  • Saguaro cactus - Did you know it take 50 years for them to grow their first arm?
  • Broad expanse on camping area. Few other campers near us.
  • The clouds and sunsets are beautiful
  • I can't remember if this a sunrise or a sunset.
  • Little lizard I found under a rock one cold morning. He wasn't moving and I thought he was injured so I picked him up. After he warmed up he was eager to skedaddle away.
  • One of the agates I found on my daily walks
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