Lake Mead - Arrowhead Cove
Lyle F.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Feb. 3, 2021

Private cove with gentle waters

I was looking for a remote Cove to set up for a couple nights on Lake Mead and found this little gem off the beaten path but still accessible on a rugged and steeply graded access road. There is a sign at the entrance of Mead-Davis Powerline Rd road that says 4x4 recommended... Take this to heart.

(We came down from north of the cove off of Princess Cove Rd. There is also access from the south off of the same Princess Cove Rd. We didn't see that route driving in at night... Probably try that next time.)

This Cove is sheltered from wind by trees and tall grass. A small peninsula also blocks direct site from the water so this is a very private site.

The water is the clearest I've ever seen and the water fowl dive freely along the banks. There is a treasure trove of wildlife here apparent just from the birds singing. It was a cacophony of songbirds just before the sun went down over the mountains over the water to the west, Nevada's coastline to the Colorado River fed Lake. There are also Gila monsters, tortoise, mules and many more creatures that come visit the water-side.

It was refreshing rinsing off in the crisp, clear water! Bring water shoes as most of the coastline is rocky. 

Do not leave food out and also there are no glass containers allowed at this location! Respect your wildlife community and those enforcing the sustainable practices. Shout out to the upstanding rangers working this area! Thanks for watching over us and the respectful reminders.

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