Kool Corner BLM Campground
Dee S.
Reviewed Feb. 18, 2021

Kool Corner BLM Camping

This spot is not exactly at "Kool Corner" as per Google maps. You pass that point which is private property then turn right unto a side road where you see a canal of running water. You will see other RVs and campers to your left. You can continue on the dirt road following the canal and at the end turn left - the dirt road gets a bit rough but I made it up there towing my trailer. I met a friend up there who'd been there before and had found a great spot at the top of the hill. There was only one other RV up on the hill probably 100 yards away from us. We had a really nice view. It was a bit windy and cold but not that bad.  We were there in December 2020.

Next time I'd like to try Lake Mittry which is only a little past this spot.  I'd go back again but it was my first time in Yuma so there's a lot of places I like to explore yet.

  • It's a little hard to tell from the photos but we were up on a hill.
  • View looking down the hill top where we were camped.
  • There was a guy on an ATV who came over to visit us. He came up from the hills behind us in this photo. He said his group was camping behind those hills (not sure how they got there.)
  • This photo shows the closest other camper to where we were.
  • I'm not sure where I took this photo but it was probably taken on the drive to the Kool Corners camp.
  • This is another photo of the drive to the place we camped. Next time I want to explore this area more.
  • Sunsets are beautiful.
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