Cedar Pockets Pass - Dispersed Camping
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Reviewed Oct. 17, 2020

A little rough for tents

Stayed: 10/5/2020- FREE

Site: First big parking area on the left

Vehicle: Hyundai Rogue

Equipment: Tent

We came in after sunset, but its very easy to find. If you pull up the area on maps and look at the satellite view, you can see a couple possible small sites on the left when you pull in. We passed those and went for the first big, open area. *See photo*

We were the only ones that parked on that site when we went to bed, but someone else had shown up during the night. There were a few more people that had traveled down further, as well.

It was dark and a little rough for a tent, so we just slept in the car. There were surprisingly a lot of semis that passed on the main road, but it wasn’t too noisy. Would stay here again.

AT&T: No Service Sprint: 2 bars LTE

  • Sunrise!
  • Open area where we slept
  • A bright moon all night!
  • Gotta pour some coffee for the beautiful sunrise!
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  • The large, open area where we parked for the night. The road runs along the left side of this picture. Obviously great for larger RVs and such!
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