Cactus Forest - Park Link Road - S. Cattle Tanks Road BLM dispersed
Reviewed Jan. 13, 2022

Loving the desert life and didn’t think I could

We were disappointed to get to Arizona and see all the trash at most of the other dispersed sites west and north of Phoenix and were going b line it out of here, but needed to get some work done for the night and ended up here.

Wow! Whole different beauty. The cactuses are tall, the skies are blue blue during the day and of course there’s amazing sunsets. There’s tons of spots to choose from out here and for being out in the middle no where, way clean (something AZ is not). Thought we’d only camp here for a night, but ended up staying for 4.

The service is pretty good too. I have AT&T and got 2-3 bars in the spot we chose (it can be spotty here and there around this area). My partner has Verizon and got 3-4 bars in the spot we chose.

I would definitely come back and recommend camping here.

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