Badger Springs
Reviewed Mar. 16, 2021

Nothing special

Big open parking area before heading to trail head. A little tight getting to the trailhead with small sites off the road where I saw a few van dwellers and just before the trail head was a vaulted toilet, I never checked it out. Once you made it to the trailhead, there’s a parking area and if to continue on a small road from the parking area it will take you to where most of the sites are located. Not very many, only a few unless you don’t mind being on top of each other and only a couple are somewhat level. If you have 4 wheel drive and tent camping, then you can continue on, but it’s pretty steep and flat level ground is at a minimum. The view didn’t seem too special, probably wrong time of the year (March). You can hike down Badger Springs trail that leads you down to Badger Springs wash where theirs only puddles here and there and a couple areas that might be more than a couple feet deep. I wasn’t impressed, but I was able to stretch out the legs. If you need to shut down for the night and don’t mind traffic noise, the best bet would be the big open parking area before Badger Springs rd. Otherwise most rv’s could make it down to the trailhead and spend the day there, just be careful, it’s like a one lane road. I had 1-2 bars on T-Mobile and 2-3 on Verizon.